Architectural Lighting Design

With over 20 years of creative lighting design experience, we can create vivid lighting design concepts for your project, follow the initiatives from your imagination or that of your design team. We can be sure to have a unique input into your project. We can design to a budget, to a concept, a standard or a dream.

Pavilion Hotel Whiskey bar 3

Control System Design

We can develop simple or highly advanced lighting control systems to suit your specific requirements. Our systems are developed to suit the different lighting requirements of each space. Time control, external light level control, remote controls, touch panels, or proximity detectors are all part of our tool kit.

Mercure Bedroom 1

Custom Lighting Design

Can’t find what you want, need or can’t live without? We design and oversee the manufacture of custom fittings to suit any style, function or property. Typically in hotels where a range of fittings follow a certain theme. Or in a private residence, coordinating pendant, wall, table and floor lamps. A range of materials, finishes, and specifications are available.

Mercure Lobby

Our Process

  • Concept Stage
  • Design Development
  • Tender Documentation
  • Set up

On a typical project we will receive a brief from the client which will include factors such as: overall theme, use of the space we are working with, materials, scope of work, budget, energy consumption requirements, timeline and other project details. We would usually receive AutoCAD drawings of plans, elevations and sections and details from the interior designer of the furniture layout, materials, fabrics, colours and finishes. If we are working with the landscape, similar information would be needed from the landscape designer.

Together we develop the concept with your interior designer, project design team or in our own design studio. As a team we present to the client our concepts and work with these until we have a scheme which works for all parties. Then we produce the working documents: reflected ceiling plans, elevations, sections, cut sheets, and various schedules.

The checked, completed and up dated documents are put together in one set of Tender Documents. These are sent out to various supply companies for them to provide prices for the equipment and services required: reflected ceiling plans, sections and elevations, cut sheets, BOQ, schedules, focus diagrams etc. The tender returns are then evaluated for compliance.

Working with the contractors and lighting equipment suppliers we check the installation, focus the fittings and finally set the lighting scenes for the various areas and times. We would then check the light level to ensure adherence to brand standards and other project requirements.


Ian Potter

Director / Senior Designer

Ian has over 23 years of experience in lighting design consultation of high-end international creative lighting projects.

Stephen Sweeney

Designer / Project Management

Working on some high profile residential, hospitality and commercial projects. Stephen is our multi-skilled designer and project manager.